“Zhenfei Perfect 35+” Gentle Cleansing Facial Milk,90g

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Gentle cleansing with moisturizing effect. This milk leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort and elasticity. Gentle cleansing milk Zhenfei gently removes makeup and other impurities from the skin and ensures everyday gentle skin care. Milk stimulates the natural process of skin renewal, enhances hydration and makes the skin softer and more elastic. Cleansing milk formula penetrates deeply into skin layers, provides healing extracts and helps for their equal distribution in epidermis.

Active ingredients: • Lotus – the extract of white lotus from the mountain regions of Tian Shan not only lengthens cell life, but also at molecular level it almost completely restores their vitality. • Algae extract – stimulates collagen synthesis. Collagen synthesis is necessary for every connective tissue in order to be healthy as skin firmness and elasticity depend on it. • Hyaluronic acid – increases tissue resistance to wrinkles. • Shea butter – activates cellular metabolism. • Jojoba oil – delivers vitamin E to skin cells and prevents them from aging. Application: lather a small amount of cleansing milk in a small amount of water and using a sponge apply with circular movements on face, neck and décolleté for several minutes without rubbing. Wash away the excess amount. Use twice a day – morning and evening. Recommended for use at age of 35.


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