Facial cream for hyperpigmentation-prone skin, SPF 50+ , 50ml

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Ultraviolet radiation does not care where you are – by the sea or running around town. And it also doesn’t care what time of year it is. Ultraviolet rays reach everyone and everywhere.

How to choose reliable protection? And what care cream to combine it with? And what about makeup? Facial cream for hyperpigmentation-prone skin (with SPF 50+ protection) will make life easier for anyone. It is a multifunctional product for everyday care that combines the qualities of lightening, moisturising and protective creams.

Facial cream for hyperpigmentation-prone skin, more precisely:
– protection – with modern protective filters against type A radiation (UVA) and type B radiation (UVB) and against other aggressive factors of the external environment
– balancing – the alpha arbutin and punarnava extract contained in the product regulate melanin synthesis and reduce the appearance of pigment spots
– care and hydration – Aquasil complex, vitamin E and other effective moisturising ingredients
– under makeup base: thanks to its moisturising and balancing effects, the cream perfectly prepares the skin for applying make-up

The cream sufficiently hydrates the skin, but does not leave the oily or white layer typical of sunscreens.

Application: Apply dailt to face, neck and décolleté.


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